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YES! The offering is a complete turn-key solution for property owners. Whether you are a savvy real estate investor with many properties or an owner of a single property, you can have support, knowledgeable and experienced representation for your property management needs. No matter where in the world you are located, you control and retain ownership of your rental property, while we manage it to provide the greatest return on your investment. Property Management includes all and we can customize services for your specific need. We can handle maintenance and operational problems of every kind. The goal is to get someone in and out of a property minimizing bad reviews and complains. This means our guests are happy and we have successfully anticipated their needs.

Social Media and Regulations

It is our highest priority to help property owners maximize their income opportunities. We'll manage everything from the initial meet & greet, to ensuring that tenants or guests are settled into your property and remain comfortable throughout their stay.  As part of the requirements of Act 272, you must register as an innkeeper with the PR Tourism Company. After registering as an innkeeper, and collecting the room tax, you must submit a monthly Tax Declaration. Every month we'll send you a statement showing your rental income and expenses for each specific property.  Take yourself a break, let us work for you...!

Listing & Bookings

We will ensure your home is inviting and equipped with everything your guests need to make their stay comfortable.


We can stock all household supplies, guarantee cleaning standards, and provide excellent customer care for your guests throughout their stay.

Maintenance & Exterminating

To meet and exceed customers expectations we have to maintain the condition of your property recurrently.


We'll make sure your home is professionally cleaned before any guests arrive.

Accounting & Taxes

We'll manage your room occupancy tax equal to 7% of the room’s rate and submit it to the PR Tourism Company.


We will be able to answer any questions your guests may have during their visit.

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